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How to purchase images on this site

All images on this website are copyrighted.
 Any copying, usage and/or distribution is strictly prohibited.

Photo Purchases

> The images displayed are greatly reduced from the original images.  When you purchase a picture, we work from the original digital image. We crop (zoom in) on your player. We make every attempt to keep the "story" of the picture so that you get a final print that is sharp, color and lighting adjusted and is centered on your player.


> Favorites is YOUR collection of images. You may add up to 40 images to your favorites. If you wish to purchase an image that is in your favorites, click on the thumbnail to view the enlarged image. Select the items that you want to purchase and click on the "add to cart" button.


> Besides just pictures, we offer personalization of pictures, memory mates and plaques.

Ordering JPEG Images:

> When you purchase a JPEG image you are buying the original image as we took it. We don't do any correction or cropping to it. We ship the image(s) on a CD, we don't support downloading images.

For tournaments we typically offer a discounted price for a set of images of one player. Please keep your selections to that player. To order a set of images, buy the first image with "CD Disk for Multiple JPEGs of same Player". Purchase the all remaining images with "Additional JPEG of same player".

For ordering all pictures of one game (if offered for that tournament), just order one picture in the game. You will receive the rest of the images of that game on CD.

Photo Collages:

> We offer Photo Collages which are a collection of images on a single pint. We only do collages on larger prints (16x20 and above). A collage order should be a separate order. Please order the "base" photo as the size of the overall print. Then added up to 4 additional prints as "Additional Collage Photo". If you would like personalization with name and jersey number, please add "Personalization" as an order item. After the order is placed, please follow-up with an email indicating you would like a collage and any instructions on picture placement you might have. If you would like a preview image to be sent prior to printing, please make that request in the email as well.

Shopping Cart

> The shopping cart displays your order details, if you wish to delete an image from your order before proceeding to checkout, simply hit the remove link on the right side.

Checking out

> You will need to login to checkout your order. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form to create a username and password. This information is stored, so that you can return to the site to make future purchases and so that we can review your orders.

> We utilize the PayPal, and Authorize.Net payment gateways for purchases made on this site.

My Account

> This page shows your order history and also allows you to download any instant download orders.

Image File terms

> Images are available as digital files. All digital files, whether for web use or print use are "Rights Managed". Our terms are as follows:

Web usage

> These files can be used on one domain only (ie; www.yourdomainname.com) They can be used on as many web pages within that domain as you desire.
They can be altered if necessary, but they can not be included in any composite that is resold.
The image files CANNOT be resold.

Print usage

You are granted a license for a unlimited personal use. You may print them, email them, or post them on the web, but you do not have the license to resell our photos.

Product Return Policy

> If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with an order, we will do our best to correct the problem. If we can not, we will refund 100% of your order upon its return to us in the condition that it was received.